Parents’ Testimonials

Testimonials are obtained from parents at different stages of a children’s development at Buds. Parents are given feedback about their children through learning journeys, daily conversations and coffee mornings. Parents / carers partnership with nursery staff is encouraged throughout children’s attendance at our settings, in order to meet children’s needs. We value their suggestions, constructive criticism and are happy to share their expertise for the benefit of children’s development. Some examples of the testimonies are as follows;

  1. My son really enjoyed time at Buds. He mad great progress in English. He is really happy here. Thank you for all your hard work. (23/07/2015)
  2. My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time here. The staff have been amazing, so kind and helpful. Thank you to all.- S. Mills (23/07/2015)
  3. I would like to extend my sincere heartfelt thanks for the care and warmth that you have extended to my daughter during her time at Buds Pre-school. Since her first day, she was impressed with all the staff and would come home with excitement and stories about all the new things that she had learned. Buds has a loving atmosphere and the staff seem very genuine with the affections they develop for the children – like a room full of loving aunts!! I wish I would have known Buds sooner and if my circumstances allow, I would not hesitate to send my son when he reaches eligible age. Thanks again. Sheree  (23/07/2015)
  4. Buds is a true home from home. My son struggled to settle at the start, but all the teachers worked so hard to ensure he felt safe and secure. He has loved his time at the pre-school and had made lovely group of friends. Buds key to success are the wonderful teachers. They genuinely love all the children and care for each and every one of them. What a fantastic place to prepare for school. Thank you so much. L.Bennett   23/07/2015
  5. To all the lovely staff, Thank you for the care, love, wisdom and smiles. My daughter always talks and smiles when speaking about Buds and will always have happy thoughts. Thank you so much. Estelle and mummy.
  6. Thank you Pauline and all the staff at Buds. My son has been very happy here and his confidence has begun to shine through. It is a very warm and loving environment for children here. All the best and thanks again. Frank and mummy. xx
  7. Thank you Olu, Pauline and the rest of the staff at Buds for all you have done for my daughter over the last year! She has loved the time at Buds and it’s always disappointed in the mornings when I say it’s not a Buds’ day today! It is a happy place with lots of caring people. All the best. Hayley
  8. Theo has had a very nice time at Buds. We were very happy with all of it. Thanks very much. Laurent
  9. Benjamin is really enjoying his time at Buds. I’m really happy with the care and my son seems to be enjoying all the activities. Thanks.  Trayfoot  (16/03/2016)
  10. This was my daughter’s first experience of nursery or time away from her parents. She settled in very well. Couldn’t wait to come again the next day and cried when it was time to go leave!! She’s very happy here. We’re very pleased. Thank you. N. Waller  (16/03/2016)
  11. My son loved Buds from the time he came to have a look around. The staff are all very warm and welcoming and I feel the settling in is very good. My son wanted me to leave him from the time he walked in, but I felt I should stay with him on the first day for a short while, then increasing the time and stay longer the next day works very well. I would highly recommend this settling in practice. Keep up the good work. Thank you. E. Finlay.  (17/03/2016)
  12. We are so pleased with the ease with which my daughter has settled at Buds. She always says she wants to go there when it’s not her session days. She tells me that she has fun and loves the activities. From the time we set foot in Buds, we could see that it was a lovely and nurturing environment where kids were happy. I think most of this is from how Idda and all the teachers approach things. My daughter seems really happy and will come home singing songs that she has learned. It’s such a lovely introduction to formal learning and we are pleased that it is so well mirrored with a child focussed approach where she seems to be flourishing.